quarta-feira, 8 de setembro de 2010

My new favourite writer

After reading I, Lucifer, The Death of an Ordinary Man and 86 pages of Hope (in this order) I can confidently announce that Glen Duncan is my new favourite writer. One of the few who can make me happy for not being a writer myself: someone's already doing it right. I'll be happy to introduce him to my children (when they can read) which, given the style and the subjects, is the best compliment I can make him (but it's not meant as such).

I'm glad I bought all of his books on Amazon very recently (at an amazing price I might add, though I had to buy Hope second-hand) and can't wait for The Last Werewolf, coming out next year, January 19th, the first full moon of 2011 and the book being the first of a trilogy on werewolves! One other thing that makes me love this guy: one never gets bored on his changing choice of themes.

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