segunda-feira, 14 de maio de 2007

Como não amar este homem?

(antes do texto sobre o disco New Moon, a publicar no Alta Fidelidade)

Little Known Elliott facts:

1. Elliott loved the Scorpions.
2. He could really run a bad joke to the ground.
3. During is senior year in college he listened almost exclusively to slow jams.
4. He would randomly hand out $20 bills to the homeless.
5. He loved red tennis shoes.
6. His taste in literature ran towards the classical. No modern fiction for him.
7. Before the release of Good Will Hunting he ate nothing but peanut butter sandwiches for months.
8. Elliot would get sick from stage fright often before shows.
9. After the bars would close in Manhattan, Elliot would walk home to Brooklyn through the subway tunnels.
10. Elliot was an excellent tape and mudder.
11. Did I say he could run a joke into the ground?

Sean Croghan no folheto que acompanha New Moon.

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